As a premier Asia-focused industrial PPE supplier, we have proudly served the region for 22 years. Recognized as one of the leading industrial PPE suppliers, our commitment extends to being a trusted source for industrial PPE equipment. Whether you seek high-quality industrial PPE solutions or reliable safety gear, we ensure your workplace is for optimal safety and comfort. Rely on us, your trusted industrial PPE suppliers, for top-tier solutions tailored to your needs.

We provide the highest Quality of Products and Maximum Customer Satisfaction by active participation of all employees, complying with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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Our mission is to create a comfortable workplace that assists business and households enhance efficiency and productivity. We do this because comfortability, functionality, and dexterity in PPE are necessary now more than ever.

We create a comfortable workplace by providing expert solutions, tools, and services that are suitable for your industry’s application – identify your needs, propose solutions, trial, and test. By doing this, our customers can enjoy Excia’s product benefits in hand, body, and respiratory protection.


There's Comfort in Quality

Excia always uphold our motto “There’s Comfort in Quality” at the heart of everything we do for our products, partnership and services. We optimize not only in Personal Protective Equipment, but also Product Protection Equipment and Production Productivity Efficiency (PPE3) with Excia over 22 years of experience in product knowledge, industry knowledge, consultation and Asia coverage supply.


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Excia PPE is our very own range of products, developed for the Asian market. Through these products, we supply the right premium personal protective equipment (PPE) at a reasonable price. Our products are manufactured in Asia with excellent quality control and unique characteristics.

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SHOWA Glove is an original product of Japan, established in 1954. They boast a pair of gloves for every need, from industry-specific gloves to household-use gloves. For over 6 decades, SHOWA has continually provided high-quality gloves to users around the world, with an ongoing commitment to its motto: Always Innovating, Never Imitating.


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We believe Asia’s businesses and people deserve a quality work life, by leveraging Asia’s rich resources, creativity, and technological expertise in making Asia superior – from Asia to Asia, for Asia.

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