General Purpose

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SHOWA 281 & 282 TEMRES – Waterproof + Breathable glove
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SHOWA 306 Ultimate outdoor companion

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SHOWA 381 – Lightweight General Purpose glove with Microfibre liner and excellent grip
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TEMRES 281 Breathability and moisture evacuation explained

Cut Protection

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DURACoil Series – 7 Affordable Models with Cut Level C
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S-TEX 376 Safety Cuff: Easy donning and duffing
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SHOWA 4561 – Kevlar® Strength. Unbelievable Comfort
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SHOWA Cut Protection
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SHOWA S TEX 541 – Polyurethane Cut protection glove
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SHOWA S-TEX 581: Cut Resistance glove – EN 388 Level 5/E

Showa Impact

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SHOWA 377-IP : Impact protection glove


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Heat resistance HPPE vs SHOWA 4561
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Heat resistance HPPE vs SHOWA S-TEX 581 : stainless steel reinforce with Kevlar
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SHOWA 406 – Winter glove in latex and latex foam
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SHOWA 477 Waterproof Thermal Gloves Help Create Amazing Ice Sculptures


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SHOWA 3415 – Neoprene chemical resistant glove
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SHOWA 3416 – Neoprene cut and chemical resistant glove
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SHOWA Chemical Protection

Single Use

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Eco Best Technology® by SHOWA
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SHOWA Single use nitrile series


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ChemRest – Know you’re protected
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SHOWA Cut test EN388 vs ISO 13997
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SHOWA Grip Protection
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SHOWA: Updated EN 388:2016 and ANSI/ISEA 105-16 Norm


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SHOWA: A Global Manufacturing Company



Anti-slip vulcanised synthetic rubber

Natural Rubber Latex

Natural rubber mainly from latex and the rubber tree
Plastic that is a microporous elastomer

PVS(Polyvinyl Chloride)

Impermeable plastic


Polychloroprene synthetic rubber


Synthetic rubber polymer for heavy chemical protection




Natural cellulose fibre. Flexible, soft and non-irritating, it protects against mechanical aggression (impacts, low vibration, iron filings, splinters, glass fragments), absorbs perspiration and gives you great comfort when wearing dipped protective gloves continuously. Cotton fibres are mixed with polyester fibres in order to associate comfort with a higher mechanical resistance and more elasticity.
excia product material cotton 23a86c115be2d7d2e360c122c6ee7a95


A lightweight elastic polyamide which is largely lint-free and washable, dries quickly and is resistant to abrasion and deformation. Mixed with cotton and acrylic, it makes the glove more flexible and extends its lifetime.
excia product material nylon 8b0faf103b8e742bb1b76bd7b38500d7


A polymer that is resistant to water, common solvents, acids and weak alkalis, and that is resistant to abrasion and to traction. Soft and warm, it insulates you from the cold. Mixed with cotton, it makes the knit more lightweight.
excia product material acrylic 090d0f39c82fedd61c3022a125038e9c


It is lightweight, supple, comfortable and washable. It provides effective protection from cuts (above level 5, with stainless steel reinforcing) and from convective heat and offers durability and performance that far exceed that of leather (5 times higher) and cotton (3 times higher).
excia product material aramid ebc33f66a6752a4cdbc64731382fc73a


High-performance poly ethylene (HPPE) is flexible, light and durable. As resistant to cutting as a para-aramid but with more resistance to abrasion (ten times more resistant to flexion than a wire), it remains resistant to chemicals, in particular solvents.
excia product material HPPE ba06d0f89a03642bf196ab28f6f548a1


A proper glove fit is crucial in ensuring the dexterity of the working hand. If the glove is too small, it cuts off blood circulation and restricts movement. On the other hand, a glove that is too large may slip off easily and make handling imprecise.
Glove size further to EN420Hand: Palm Circumference (mm)Hand: Length (mm)Glove: Minimum Length (mm)
For an accurate fit, download and follow our glove size chart: