Cut-Resistant Gloves for Aviation and Transportation Industry

Cut-resistant gloves are essential for the aviation and transportation industry, where safety and precision are paramount. These gloves offer exceptional protection against cuts, abrasions, and punctures, ensuring that workers can confidently handle sharp tools, metal parts, and other hazardous materials. Made from high-performance materials, cut-resistant gloves provide a secure grip, dexterity and ventilation, allowing for intricate tasks and detailed inspections without compromising safety. Whether for maintenance, cargo handling, or routine inspections, these gloves are designed to withstand the rigours of the aviation and transportation environment, enhancing worker safety and efficiency. Investing in cut-resistant gloves safeguards employees and contributes to maintaining operational integrity and reducing workplace injuries.

Why Workers Need Cut-Resistant Gloves in Aviation and Transportation Industry

The daily tasks in the vehicle maintenance and repair industry demand labour skills and the adequate capacity of tools to ensure a smooth operation process.

Physical Injuries

➤ Acute damage can happen during aircraft maintenance, which involves bending, reaching, stretching, pulling, and lifting.

Fatigue Risks

➤ Errors and accidents attributed to fatigue aviation maintenance personnel.

Harmful Substances

➤ Maintenance workers are exposed to hazardous substances and chemicals like petrol, solvents, degreasers, paints, and other cleaning liquids.

man without wearing cut resistant gloves
man wearing cut resistant gloves handling stock

Why Choose Our Cut-Resistant Gloves As Your Solutions

Unbeatable Durability

➤ Our highly durable glove materials can withstand high abrasion work in aviation and transportation.

Maximize Peace Of Mind

➤ Our protective wear is tested against oil and chemical liquids to ensure workers have peace of mind.


➤ Our lightweight, breathable protective clothing ensures outstanding comfort even in prolonged wearing, alleviates exhaustion, and prevents aviation maintenance accidents.

Standards & Quality

➤ Our protective wear complies with CE standards.

Recommended Cut-Resistant Gloves for Aviation and Transportation Industry

cut protection gloves tt515
Hands Protection
Cut Protection Gloves TT515
white cut protection gloves tt520
Hands Protection
Cut Protection Gloves TT520
grey cut protection gloves tu550
Hands Protection
Cut Protection Gloves TU550
green cut protection gloves tx536
Hands Protection
Cut Protection Gloves TX536

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cut-Resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are a crucial form of personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard the wearer’s hands from lacerations, punctures, and cuts. They are essential across various industries where workers interact with sharp implements, including food processing, metal fabrication, and construction. Constructed from high-performance materials like Kevlar and HPPE (High-Performance Polyethylene), these gloves offer varying degrees of protection and skill to achieve an optimal balance between safety and functionality.

When it comes to cut and puncture protection, several materials reign supreme: high-performance polyethylene (HPPE), known for its incredible strength and flexibility; Kevlar, famous for its heat resistance but also boasting excellent cut defense; and stainless steel mesh, the go-to for heavy-duty cut hazards, though sometimes bulky. Leather offers some cut protection but pales compared to these specialized materials.

Cut-resistant gloves are essential for many professions where workers interact with sharp objects. Here’s a breakdown of some key industries and tasks where cut-resistant gloves are crucial:

  • Food Processing:

    • Butchers and meat processors handling knives and cleavers

    • Workers in food preparation dealing with graters, mandolines, and other sharp utensils

  • Metalworking:

    • Sheet metal workers handling sharp edges

    • Metal fabricators using saws, shears, and punches

  • Glass Handling:

    • Glaziers installing and cutting glass

    • Workers in glass manufacturing and transportation

  • Construction:

    • Drywall installers handling utility knives

    • Roofers working with sheet metal and roofing materials

  • Forestry and Landscaping:

    • Chainsaw operators requiring protection from accidental cuts

    • Workers using hedge trimmers, pruning shears, and other sharp tools

Cut-resistant gloves are crucial for personal protective equipment (PPE) in many professions and situations. Their primary function is to shield your hands from cuts and lacerations caused by sharp objects. Here’s a breakdown of why they are essential:

  • Reduced Injury Severity: While not entirely cut-proof, these gloves are designed to significantly lessen the severity of cuts you might sustain. This can differ between a minor nick and a deep laceration requiring stitches.

  • Protection from Various Sharp Objects: Cut-resistant gloves are handy when working with a variety of sharp items, including blades, glass, and metal, in the construction, automotive, aviation, and transportation industries.

  • Enhanced Safety and Reduced Costs: Cut-resistant gloves contribute to a safer work environment by preventing cuts and injuries. This translates to fewer medical expenses, lost work days, and potential lawsuits for employers.

The EN 388:2016 (Europe) standard uses two methods to assess cut resistance in gloves:

1. TDM-100 Test (Preferred Method):

This test measures the force (in Newtons) required to cut through the glove material with a sharp blade. Like ANSI cut level, it utilizes a letter grading system (A to F) to indicate cut resistance, with:

  • A: Lowest cut resistance (2 Newtons)
  • B: (5 Newtons)
  • C: (10 Newtons)
  • D: (15 Newtons)
  • E: (25 Newtons)
  • F: Highest cut resistance (over 30 Newtons)

2. Old Coup Test (Optional):

Though not mandatory, this older method is still included in the standard. It uses a numeric scale (1 to 5) for cut resistance:

  • 1: Lowest cut resistance
  • 2, 3, 4: Increasing levels of cut resistance
  • 5: Highest cut resistance

Protect Your Hands with Our Cut Resistant Gloves!

Don’t compromise your safety at work or home. Excia‘s cut-resistant gloves provide unmatched protection and durability, keeping your hands safe from sharp objects and accidents. They are suitable for DIY projects, kitchen work, and professional use. Order now and experience the ultimate in hand protection with our gloves, which are more cut, puncture, and tear-resistant!

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