Food Handling Gloves for Food Processing Industry

In the food processing industry, ensuring worker safety is paramount, and this involves equipping them with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Essential items include high-grip food handling gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, and cut-resistant gloves, each serving a specific purpose in maintaining a secure work environment. Whether it is washing, steaming, cutting, drying, milling, packing, or even labelling, every effort has been made to ensure its safety and compliance throughout food processing, considering its direct effect on public health. Hence, sourcing food-safe gloves from reputable suppliers like Excia Asia is critical in upholding the rigorous safety protocols for food processing.

Why Workers Need Food Safe Gloves in Food Processing Industry

Besides the common hazards workers face in the food processing industry, there are rising concerns over meeting the legal requirements for safe food handling.

Contamination hazards

➤ Food contamination usually occurs when workers handle food without wearing protective gloves.  Bacteria and chemicals can easily transfer from the worker’s hand to the food.

Machinery hazards

➤ Hazards occur in conveyors with moving or exposed parts, collapsing structures, falling objects, and compressed equipment.

Risk of Injuries

➤ Handling food processing tools and machines could put workers at risk without proper protective wear.

man without food handling gloves
men with food safe gloves

Why Choose Our Food Handling Gloves As Your Solutions

Accelerate Work Efficiency

➤ Our protective wear with superior grip and unmatched comfort reduces mistakes and shortens the time consumed when handling food products and processing machines.

Safeguard against Biohazards

➤ Our protective wears are made of professionally selected quality materials that help protect food and workers against contamination and injury during handling.

Promising Food Grade

➤ Our gloves are made with materials that comply with food safety regulations and CE standards.

Recommended Food Handling Gloves for Food Processing Industry

chemical hand gloves ct007
Hands Protection
Chemical Protection Gloves CT007
chemical handling gloves 9300
Hands Protection
Disposable Gloves 9300
chemical nitrile gloves 9410
Hands Protection
Disposable Gloves 9410
chemical safety gloves 9500
Hands Protection
Disposable Gloves 9500

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Food Handling Gloves

Food-handling gloves are gloves used to protect both food and the wearer during food prep. They create a barrier to prevent cross-contamination between you and the food and between different foods. They come in disposable and reusable options, with disposable nitrile and vinyl gloves being the most common. These offer good dexterity and are available in different thicknesses for various tasks.

Food gloves serve two primary purposes:

  • Food Safety: They create a barrier to stop germs and contaminants on your hands from transferring to the food you’re handling. This helps prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

  • Hand Protection: They shield your hands from hazards like heat, cuts, and chemicals sometimes encountered in food prep.

Both disposable and reusable gloves can be used during the food preparation process. Reusablesable gloves, such as the CT007 model, can suit you if you rarely handle raw materials. It’s essential, however, to wash and sanitize them meticulously after each use. On the other hand, disposable gloves, such as models 9300, 9410, and 9500, are often more practical for frequent food handling and dealing with raw ingredients due to their convenience and alignment with health regulations.

In Malaysia, determining if gloves are food-safe involves checking for compliance with several standards and certifications. The European standard EN1186 is one such benchmark, indicating that the gloves are suitable for food contact in line with EU regulations. For products from the US, look for FDA approval, which assures that the gloves meet the safety requirements for handling food in the United States. Additionally, for local relevance, ensure the gloves have HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification, which confirms they are safe for food handling in a systematic preventive approach. Halal certification is also crucial, especially in a predominantly Muslim country like Malaysia, as it certifies that the gloves are suitable for halal food preparation, adhering to Islamic dietary laws.

Yes, nitrile gloves are one of the best choices for handling food. They are not only safe for food contact, but also offer several advantages:

  • Food Safe: Nitrile is a food contact material manufactured according to regulations.

  • Durable: They provide superior resistance, including puncture-resistant and tear-resistant to minimise the risk of the glove breaking and contaminating food.

  • Allergen-free: Unlike latex gloves, nitrile gloves are free from latex protein, which is ideal for people with latex allergy.

  • Dexterous: They provide good tactile sensitivity for handling food with ease.

Invest in Food Safe Gloves to Protect Your Food!

Stop foodborne illness and keep workers safe with our selection of top-quality food handling gloves for the food processing industry. Our gloves for food handling minimise the risk of contamination and increase worker safety. Browse Excia‘s extensive safety gloves today and find the perfect food-handling gloves for your specific needs!

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