Oil & Gas

Oil and gas, a capital-intensive global powerhouse, relies on highly complex technology and demands a skilled workforce equipped with the best oil resistant work gloves to engage with heavy machinery daily. This industry, essential for meeting the world’s energy needs, is marked by its multifaceted operations spanning exploration and extraction to transportation and refining. The sector can be broadly categorized into three main segments – upstream, midstream, and downstream – each playing a distinct role in the intricate process of bringing hydrocarbons from their source to the end consumer.

In the upstream segment, where exploration and extraction occur, workers equipped with the best oil resistant work gloves deploy advanced technologies and expertise in challenging and remote environments to locate and recover crude oil and natural gas. The midstream segment, crucial for transportation, involves the use of pipelines, ships, and other logistics, with workers relying on the best oil-resistant work gloves to ensure the safe and efficient movement of materials from production sites to refineries. Lastly, in the downstream segment, where raw materials are refined into products like gasoline and petrochemicals, oil resistant work gloves continue to play a pivotal role as workers contribute to the seamless production and distribution of these essential resources. The oil and gas industry thus operates as a dynamic and interconnected system, emphasizing the importance of oil resistant work gloves in ensuring the safety and productivity of workers across these distinct but interrelated segments.

Industry Challenges

Without a proper gear, workers are prone to physical damages and chemical hazards, which eventually restrict them from performing to their full potential.

Ergonomic-related risks
➤ Daily tasks in oil and gas industry such as repetitive lifting, pulling, pushing heavy loads and working in awkward body postures eventually lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

Machine hazards
➤ Oil and gas extraction workers who handle, guard, and operate heavy and complicated structure machine are prone to injuries when struck by, cut by, or caught between the machine.

Electrical risks and harmful chemicals
➤ Working with high pressure, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical equipment are common with oil and gas workers thus they are exposed to oil and toxic fluids blast or leakage and other hazardous energy such as heat and thermal.

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Our Solutions

Empowered Productivity
➤ Our exclusive ergonomic designs of protective wear relieve stress faced by workers in daily repetitive tasks and hence increase work efficiency.

➤ Our specialized insulating and chemical-resistant gloves are designed to protect oil and gas workers from electrical hazards and toxic chemicals spill, resulting in reduced costs of accidents.

Enhanced Durability & Performance
➤ Our glove materials with high resistance against abrasion and permeation make it more long-lasting even for heavy-duty use.

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